Welded Substation Fittings

As a reputable substation connectors manufacturer, Johnson Connector has broad-ranging capabilities that include various welded fittings and miscellaneous components. Some of the most common products we produce include multi-range cable supports, compression tees, bus supports, compression terminals, tube supports, slice plate kits and more.

If you have an application that requires specific fittings, spaces, studs or plates, contact us to learn more about pricing, lead time and private labeling. We’ll be glad to coordinate with you and meet the demands of your project.

Welded Fittings

We supply a broad range of welded fittings and substation bus supports, to ensure the total security of lines and cabling. Our experience with welded fittings spans all styles and fitment sizes. Let us provide you with the exact fittings you need.

  • 45ᴼ and 90ᴼ tube elbows
  • 90ᴼ “T” style
  • Aluminum range taking
  • Aluminum reducer
  • End plugs
  • Expansion bus support
  • Expansion connector
  • Extension studs
  • Hook-on-bus support
  • Internal and external
  • Internal coupler
  • Multi‐angle “A”‐frame
  • Multi‐angle “V” style
  • Straight connector
  • Tube end tap style
  • Tubular bus supports
  • Vertical dead end
  • Welded compression


Our familiarity with substation and utility components spans the complete range of essentials. To that end, we manufacture a broad scope of miscellaneous compnents, including cable spacers, grounding studs, and bimetallic transition plates. Contact us today and let us know what you need.

  • Aluminum terminal box
  • Bi‐metallic transition
  • Dual cable spacer
  • Ground stud
  • Hot line stirrups
  • Multiple tap pads
  • Pole caps
  • Special terminals
  • Transformer plates

Need Weldments and Miscellaneous Parts?

For more information about the many weldments and miscellaneous components Johnson Connector produces, please contact us today at 205-956-1456. We’ll make sure you get the components you need, manufactured to meet National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) specifications.

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